Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!

For your birthday, we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge!


Here's where we're staying:

And as a bonus, they have something I think you'll really enjoy:

PS: We've also given your blog a little make-over - more appropriate for the big boy / little man you've become (or were you always?). I hope this inspires you to journal your life. It's on the computer - and you'll be glad you have it later. Loving you more every day. 

Ending First Grade with Hatching Chicks

One of my first-grade favorite memories was the hatching of chicks. Last week, after the first grade show, my mom took thesepix of the chick-a-dees. Each class got to vote on the names for the chicks. Our class came up with Fluffy and Cocoa; clearly this was the week that most of the boys were out with the flu. I came up with the name Tony Baloney; I think that rocks way harder!

Hatching in progress.

Still in the incubator waiting for siblings to hatch.


Three Team Battle

Team 1: Soldiers
Team 2: Pirates
Team 3: Robotic

It all started out when the Pirates were fighting the Soldiers. The Pirates won but the Soldiers kept coming and coming and coming and coming.

The Captain of the Pirates, Brickbeard, fought off most of them. But the Captain of the Soldiers was mighty too! Their two swords clashed together and made tons of sparks flying everywhere.

Just then - a new team arrived: Team Robotic. Count Dooku was their captain. He stepped off his Speeder and ignited his light saber and walked toward the battle. The Soldiers thought that he was part of the Pirates, so they started attacking him.

Count Dooku's two Magna-Guards clashed against the fire that one soldier had in his sword. The magna-staffs that the two Magna-Guards had were slicing everywhere. They cut up bits of wood and metal and iron, but the Soldiers survived.

The Soldier with the 2 guns kept shooting and shooting and shooting at the Pirates and team robotic but it was no use. The Team Robotic kept deflecting and the Pirates were just smart enough to dodge. Brickbeard came and slashed his sword at the Soldier, who started running towards the brick wall.

Once he reached the brick wall, he saw there was a pool of quicksand around him. He couldn’t get over, under or around. All he had to do was wait for it to go. It only goes when the time is right. And the time is right when there’s no more fighting.

Count Dooku was under attack. All he can do was dodge, deflect and attack. He dodged swords, gun blasts, everything! He used the Force to throw bits of rock at them. One rock hit a Soldier and he was knocked out dead. Another rock hit the brick wall and fell into the quick sand. Another stone flew off the edge of the cliff.

The two Magna-Guards continued to fight. One died because a sword went into its chest. The other one did not die even though a gun blast hit its head and knocked it off. Magna-Guards never die when they get their head cut off.

The Magna-Guard kept on fighting. He sliced through the air but it didn’t hit because the Pirate he was aiming for had slipped through his legs and shot at its back. It hit the Magna-Guard directly as if there was a bullseye on his back. It knocked him off the cliff and dead.

Count Dooku ran for his speeder. He hopped on it but it wouldn’t turn on. A gun blast had shot through the control panel and now it was broken! The Pirate who fired the bullet was Brickbeard’s second hand man. He was pretty smart but sometimes made the wrong choices.

This time his choice was to run for Count Dooku - but he was stabbed in the chest by the Count's lightsaber and then pushed off the cliff by the Force.

Count Dooku, Brickbeard, and the remaining Pirate and the remaining Soldiers were all fighting. The Soldier with the two guns was still waiting for the moat to go down but Brickbeard was coming closer. He shot his two guns but Brickbeard dodged. The Soldier threw one gun at him and sliced the gun in half and he threw his other gun at him and he sliced that gun too. But the Soldier was not left unarmed. Although he didn’t have any weapons to fight with, he saw the two-electromagnet staffs that the Magna-Guards had dropped.

The Soldier ran over to one of the Magna-Guards and grabbed the electromagnetic staff. He tried to use it and turned it on. Now - he had a weapon! He slashed the magna-staff at Count Dooku, who blocked it with his lightsaber. They fought equally.

Count Dooku used force choke on him and the Soldier was struggling to get out of it, but he couldn’t. The Captain of the Soldiers ran over to him. He sliced for Count Dooku and Count Dooku blocked with his lightsaber and he used force choke on him too and he killed him this time but not the remaining Soldier.

The remaining Pirate and Brickbeard came running towards the Soldier. The Soldier came running towards them, but instead of getting killed, the Soldier killed one of them. He killed the Pirate - not Brickbeard, but the other one. He sliced his head off – neat and tidy.

Then the remaining Soldier sliced for Brickbeard and he missed. He sliced again and he missed again. He sliced again! Finally, with one final shot, he cut off his hook hand. It didn’t hurt because it was only his hook hand. But Brickbeard sliced off the Soldier’s head with his mighty sword.

Only two people left.

Count Dooku, with his shiny lightsaber and armed with the Force and Brickbeard with his Peg leg and hat with skull and crossbones on it were left.

They fought and they fought and they fought until … the moat went down to the brick wall. Brickbeard ran for the brick wall – he tried to climb up it. Count Dooku went for it too. He tried climbing up it too. They reached the hole at the top. Brickbeard with his new hooked-hand, reached for the treasure inside. He felt something paper. He pulled it out.

It was a new treasure map!

Count Dooku sliced for Brickbeard, but Brickbeard jumped over him and landed on his two feet. Brickbeard grabbed Count Dooku's lightsaber that he just dropped and now he had two weapons. Count Dooku only had one – the Force.

Brickbeard sliced with Count Dooku's light saber. Count Dooku was very unsure of this.

Brickbeard sliced off his head. Kill Count Dooku! he shouted and he did. Neat and tidy.

The end.





The guns were flaring. Lasers were everywhere. The Good Captain shot his gun a million times. The Mutant almost killed him. The Good Captain was saved by Bane who pushed him out of the way and blocked the shot with his chest.

The Robo Bad Guy shot his lightening at Bane. It didn’t hurt him. It didn’t kill him. It just scratched him.

Bane came running at the Robo Bad Guy. He pulled out his legs and BOOM, it was dead!

The Brave Knight ran towards Hatomi and threw his dynamite. It hit her, knocking her unconscious. The dynamite was about to explode but the Bad Captain ran towards the dynamite, shooting his gun. He shot his gun at the fire and it knocked it out of his hand. The dynamite did not explode!

But the Brave Knight shot the dynamite and it did explod. It killed Hatomi and she flew up in the air and landed right in the hole where the Mutant was hiding. The Mutant threw her out of the hole because he was cramped. He shot the gun that came from his head. It hit the Brave Knight right on the head. Luckily the Brave Knight was wearing a helmet and he did not get hurt.

Just then, the Bad Captain shot his gun, hit the Brave Knight in the chest, and killed him.

The Good Captain ran towards the Bad Captain and they both raised their swords.

The fight began between the Good Captain and the Bad Captain.

Ting – Ting – Ting …

They shot their guns but didn’t hit. One time the Bad Captain’s gun hit the Good Captain’s jet pack. The jet pack went wild and it flew up, it flew down, it flew upside down into the Big Gun they were going to destroy.

The Big Gun shot a big laser that made the Good Captain fly to another system. The Bad Captain laughed. “You can’t kill this Big Gun! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Mutant jumped out of his hole and he laughed too. He he he he he!

The Mutant shot his guns. He hit Bane and laughed so hard he fell down to the ground.

The Bad Captain walked up to Bane. He looked at his back and saw the tubes that kept him alive. He shot the tubes and Bane died.

The Bad Captain and the Mutant walked over to the remaining good guys. One good guy – the one with the biggest gun - shot it right at the Bad Captain. The Bad Captain went right to the Big Gun. He told the Commander of the Big Gun to make it go crazy and shoot everyone. So he did and it shot everywhere and even shot the remaining bad guy, the one with the double gun.

The Mutant ran towards the Chemical Good Guy.

The Good Captain saw the whole fight from all the way on the other planet. The Good Captain flew his jet pack right towards the Mutant who was after the Chemical Good Guy. The Good Captain shot the Mutant right in the face.

The Mutant said, “Uhhhhhhhh….” He dropped dead.

The Chemical Good Guy thanked the Good Captain and the remaining good guys ran towards the Big Gun.

The Commander of the Big Gun pressed the button and the Big Gun vanished.

The Big Gun didn’t really vanish, it teleported to the planet of the Good Captain was on a few minutes ago. The Bad Captain laughed, “You fools – you’ll never get the Big Gun!”

But the remaining good guys and the Good Captain charged towards the Bad Captain. The Bad Captain ran away as fast as he could. He ran so fast and far way that he didn’t know where he was.

The Good Captain and the good guys didn’t know where the Bad Captain was either. So they gave up and went to look for the Big Gun.

The Bad Captain ran back towards the place where he was fighting earlier. The good guys were gone. The Bad Captain laughed, “They were smart to leave,” he said.

The Bad Captain didn’t know that the good guys were really leaving to find the Big Gun.

The Good Captain suggested that they better go to the place where he was earlier – the other planet – just to check to make sure the Big Gun was still there.

They landed in a different place from before. They walked up the cliff they were on and saw the Big Gun. The Commander of the Big Gun saw them and fired the Big Gun. He missed.

The good guy jumped up. They landed straight on the Big Gun and tried to tackle it. The Big Gun fired again. They good guys flew straight off it and landed on the cliff. They walked off the cliff and saw the Big Gun again. They jumped on it and started tackling it again. This time, they ripped the Big Gun up and they threw the pieces at the Commander.

It knocked him unconscious and the Good Captain swung his sword and cut off the Commander of the Big Gun’s head. Out of the neck came blood.

One of the good guys saw two chemicals he never knew about. He took them to put in his collection of chemicals and flew back to the battle scene to clean up.

The end.

The Owl Videos

Enjoy these short funny videos. They are from a series featured on BBC.

The Rise of the Skeleton

“We have eyes,” the skeletons say. “We have eyes! We have eyes!”

“Get out of here. Get out! Get out of town!”

As the rumbling struck, one by one, the skeletons took the stairs to the battlefield.

The Captain said, “We’ve lost almost all of our guys. We have to fight back!”

“It’s 5 against 5. Us Skeletons versus those weak humans. How will they beat us?”

“We need food – we need water,” the Good Captain said.

“Me old Garbage Man needs water.”

“Shoot the oil slick!” said No Man. “The skeletons are returning!”

“It’s slippery,” said one of the Skeletons.

“I hate oil,” the Bad Captain said.

“Ah! The oil is making my bones rattle. Attack,” cried the Skeleton.

BAM! Lasers came from the blast of the Good Captain’s gun.

“Die or back in your cell you go,” the Good Captain yelled.

“Never!” the Captain of the Skeletons said. “We dare you to attack!”



“He’s got me,” the Bad Captain said.

They roll down the mountain until they reached the cliff.

“Captain, NO!!!”

“That takes care of that skeleton,” the Good Captain said happily.

“Garbage Man – throw garbage,” the Good Captain commanded.

“I hate garbage,” one of the Skeletons yelled.

“I can’t hold him. He’s on top of me! Ah!” the Garbage Man screamed. “I’m hit! Thanks for the Back Da Tank.”


“Ah, that hurts,” the Garbage Man said.

They rolled down the mountain until they reached the cliff again.

“No,” said the Black Skeleton. “We’ve lost the Captain. We’ve lost his warrior. Just the 3 of us versus the 3 of them. We will attack secretly.”

Tiptoe, tiptoe went the Skeleton’s black feet. The Black Skeleton’s feet are as quiet as can be on top of the ledges of the cliff. Tiptoe, tiptoe…


“Oh my head, he’s going to cut it off,” the Good Captain yelled.

Indy fired his shotgun at the Black Skeleton. It went through his bones but it did not kill him.

“Hey – who dared to shoot me? I don’t even take bullets,” yelled the Black Skeleton.

Indy fell down the mountain until he reached a longer cliff.

The Captain of the Skeletons said, “You don’t have to be so aggressive with me, Garbage Man.”

His voice echoed the distance from the cliff to the ground.

“I will return for you soon,” promised the Bad Captain.

“How’s everything?” said the Bad Captain to the Skeleton?

“Not so good,” said the Skeleton. “We’ve lost your warrior. We have to kill the 3 other Human warriors.”

Hut, 2, 3, 4… Hut, 2, 3, 4…

“What’s that?” asked the Good Captain.

“They’re attacking! They’re attacking!” No Man was screaming.

“Indy! Indy! Come up!” yelled the Good Captain.

“I’m coming! I’m coming,” screamed Indy.

Hut, 2, 3, 4, Hut, 2, 3, 4…

The Good Captain screamed, “Garbage Man, Garbage Man!

“I’m coming. I’m coming,” he yelled back.

Hut, 2, 3, 4, … Hut, 2, 3, 4, …

Indy shot his gun.

“Oil slickers – shoot!” yelled No Man.

“It’s so slippery,” one of the Skeletons was struggling.

“Maybe for you but not for me,” said No Man.

The Skeleton fell until he landed on a cliff.

“General, General – Are you alright?” No Man asked.

“Yea, I’m fine,” he answered.

“Well that takes care of that Skeleton. I’ll take the other two,” No Man said. “Well that takes care of the Skeleton group.”

“Who else do we have to fight?” the Garbage Man asked.

“I have no idea,” said the Captain.

What Makes My World Wonderful ...

What makes my world wonderful? I will tell you …

Although I’m allergic to dogs, I still love them.
School makes me smart every single day.
Playing with Legos makes me feel like an expert.
I like fish because I know how much to feed them.

I love my world!

I'm Skiing!

This week I went skiing in Vermont. Here I am on the Bromley School Slope!

Star Wars Episode 1 1/2 Lightsaber Battle Clip

This is where kids fight with yellow, green, blue, red and purple lightsabers.

Grocery Store Wars

Check out this video at the supermarket. It's GREAT!

Injured Storm Trooper

This is a great video. You know if you've seen Star Wars, Episode IV, then you know Storm Troopers just fall down and die if they've been hit. So in this video, one Storm Trooper gets hit in the leg and is just injured. Weird, huh?

Grade One, Trimester One: Emergent Writer

This is from my report card: "As an emergent writer, Jacob is comfortable expressing his thoughts on papers. He has an active imagination and enjoys the brainstorming process."

Here are two stories I wrote this morning. It is part of a series called "How to Kill People - Lego People."


How To Kill The Skeleton That Doesn’t Die

Chapter 1

This skeleton never dies because he’s already dead. So here’s a few rules to be careful about. First he has two thorns. Then he has so many bones it’s hard to count so he may break his ribs off and hit you with them and you’ll die.

Chapter 2

Here’s how you kill him. You take the red thing off the top of his head. It’s hard to do because he won’t let you do it with his thorns. The only way to kill him is to chop off his little red thing on top with a lightsaber or a sword or a really big gun. Then his head will pop off. Then fire will come out of his neck and his arms will pop off and he’ll drop his thorns and boom, he’ll die.

The end.

How Do You Kill Bane

Chapter 1

It’s pretty easy to kill Bane but it’s pretty hard also. First all you have to do is cut the tubes on the back of his head and back then it will just explode but it is hard to do that. He won’t let you because he has a big gun and is very strong also.

Chapter 2

Here’s a few rules to kill Bane:
First get a big lightsaber or sword or gun Then shoot the gun at his back. He might block it away with his elbow or just turn around and block it with his chest.The easiest way is to sneak up on him, get out the sword and swing at his tubes.The hardest way is to get the lightsaber, swing, he’ll shoot at you, you’ll block with the lightsaber, you’ll swing with the sword, knock the gun out of his hand, chop his legs off with is lightsaber, chop his head off, dead. The end.

How's that for an emergent writer?

Digital Art

Mount Everest by Jacob Dylan Chin, age 6.

I made this on www.thisissand.com.

Note: don't get alarmed by the blank screen. There is a small box on the upper left hand corner; click that for instructions. Then, PLAY!